Charlotte L. Jenkins

Author Charlotte L.Jenkins owner of 31 Woman LLC. Mrs. Brown is also Co-founder of the Dayton Book Expo and a freelance writer for Jo Magazine. In her spare time Charlotte loves to spend quality time with her family and working with charitable organizations. Charlotte is a member of the American Legion Auxiliary in Indianapolis, IN. Through her journey as a business owner Mrs. Jenkins found her ministry in the literary world. She debuted in Vanessa Miller’s Anthology called Have a Little Faith as a contributing writer. Her latest released titles are Jayden’s First Vacation: A Day at the Beach and Beacon of Hope:Surviving Abuse.


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Jayden’s First Vacation: A Day at the Beach

Grandchildren can bring so much joy.  They are extensions of you!

Jayden’s First Vacation: A Day at the Beach
is a rhymed story about a grandmother capturing moments of her grandson and his mother at the beach where they swim, build sand castles, watch the tides, and explore the birds.

I created this book so my daughter can always remember what a precious jewel she has in her son. The exciting part for me is that she can read this to him while he is still young and he can appreciate knowing the story was written all about him.

A Note from the Editor

Charlotte L. Jenkin’s book “Jayden’s First Vacation: A Day at the Beach” is a brilliantly eye-catching book about a casual day shared between a mother and her child. The simplicity of the story reminds us of several things; that the greatest life moments are usually found through serene pleasures with loved ones, that we must take time to enjoy nature, and that the foundations we set for our children are essential to their  well-being. Jenkins’ book deserves a place on every child’s bookshelf as it is sure to leave an imprint in every loving family’s heart.

Dorinda D.E. Nusum, author of Sins and Sacrifices, The Victory, Afflicted, and The Back Pew Crew

Genre: Children/Teens

Price: $14.95

Print: Paperback in full color

Pages: 26

ISBN: 978-1545500033

Library of Congress Number: 2017906155






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Charlotte L. Jenkins, a former victim of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, shares with readers:

~Ways to spot the signs and how to overcome abuse

~How to unlock and confront the painful emotions

~A comprehensive safety plan and victim/survivor resources

Learning the signs unlocks the pain of guilt, shame, fear, anger, anxiety, and other emotions you’ve been afraid to confront, gives you the power and freedom over the situation.

ISBN 10:  0983553408

ISBN 13: 978-0-9835534-0-3

Price: 12.95