Book Cover Design Service

Take your book to the next level of sales-appeal! A cover design determines the sale of a book 8 times out of 10. We love the opportunity to work with authors on their book cover design needs. Book cover designs are custom created by using professional software with more than 15 years of experience. Working side-by-side with the author is important to us along the way to achieve the results your book deserves.

GETT ING STARTED: We will need a brief description of the book. If you have seen a book cover you like, please include a link to the book cover and let us know what caught your eye on the design.

Template for your Cover (optional): If the book will be printed, we will need a template from the printer with the appropriate spine size based on the final page count. Most printers have an application to create these book cover templates online. We prefer book cover print templates in PDF format. After we have received your design preferences, we will email our suggestions and/or email a sample design (once the photography has been narrowed down).

STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY: Most stock can be purchased with standard, royalty free licensing for under $25.00 and up per image. Purchasing the photography and art for book cover design in this manner gives all rights for the imagery to the purchaser based on the stock provider’s terms of use.  Before purchasing stock imagery please be sure to read the licensing carefully. For stock images we recommend

COST: Our minimum fee and prepayment for a printed cover design is $250 and  ebook design is $150.00 with two . A half down payment is due upon approval of the comp design before finished design begins. We do not charge royalties on book cover design.

SERVICE TIME: The initial book cover design proof will be created within 5-7 business days after the comp design has been approved, prepayment and all photography has been received. Additional book cover design proofs can add 1-3 business days of service time.

Once the book cover design is complete we will email the finished files. If the book cover files are too large to email we will place the files online for downloading. Generally ebook cover designs will be emailed and print book cover designs will be placed online for download

PAYMENT: Book cover design is a non-refundable service. Prepayment must be paid before work will begin. Once the book cover design is complete and proof approved we will invoice for the remaining amount. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for a quote on your book cover design.







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